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    Does Costco Only Take American Express Credit Cards?

    I have an AMEX card and have always used that at Costco, but I recently applied for a Capital One card and was wondering if that could be used at Costco or do they only take American Express cards? I seem to remember reading something about them only taking Amex because of their partnership and the Costco True Earnings Card.

  2. Does Costco Only Take American Express Credit Cards?
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    Yes, for in-store purchases Costco will only accept American Express credit cards. The key word is credit card though because they do accept debit cards as well. If you purchase from the Costco website however they accept all major credit cards.

    The Costco TrueEarnings Card acts as a Costco Membership and gives you 3% cash back on gas, 2% cash back on travel and dining, and 1% back on everything else including other purchases at Costco.

    We shop at Costco a good amount and that has saved us some serious $$$.
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    Before I went to Costco for the first time, someone told me they only accept the Costco Amex card, it never occurred to me that they would accept debit cards so I've always been paying in cash! Whoops.

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    Soma no worries I actually did the same thing! Thats why I pointed out that they DO accept debit cards.

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    This is similar to Sams Club. They don't accept Visa credit cards, but if you have a visa that is a debit card you can just run it as debit.

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    Another thing worth adding is that the TrueEarnings Card is free for Costco Members, and if you don't currently have a membership and sign up you will have an annual fee but you can use the card as a Costco Membership card - essentially making it free for everyone.

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    The Cosco card is a no brainer for anyone who shops at Costo.
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    Another reason I wanted the Amex Green Card!

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    I just got a costco membership over the summer and I've been enjoying the priviledge of using my AMEX there. The two times I've been there, I've seen someone get burned at the register because they didn't know the policies.

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    I just saw someone get "burned" lol because they didn't know the policy and were trying to pay with a Visa card. Then, they tried withdrawing enough funds to cover their BIG order but there was a limit on what they could withdraw in one day!! It was a mess. I felt really bad for the family. Two young kids and they must have been shopping for hours. Not sure what they did because I was just there for a few things and got outta there before it got even more crazy!
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