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    Who is providing real free credit scores?

    I know a lot of credit cards and other services are providing free credit scores? But who is providing real ones? You know, FICO, not FAKO?

  2. Who is providing real free credit scores?
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    Wells Fargo. Really.

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    Amex and Discover provider FICO scores.

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    CitiCards also provides you with a FICO score.

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    I know that CapitalOne use a VantageScore 3.0 from TransUnion. And that the Chase Slate provides you a FICO score. I don't know about the other Chase cards.

    Regardless, I do not think any score provided free by your card will be the exact score used by lenders to make decisions on your application.

    My understanding is that FICO has several models that lenders can choose from. Plus, each credit bureau has different information. And then each lender in turn tweaks the model based on its own needs.

    The end result is that you have no one score.

    Still, any score should give you an idea of your credit health.

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    Leave it to Capital One to offer just a little bit less than everyone else.

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    Bank of America also provides a free monthly FICO score to cardholders. I believe their score comes from Transunion.

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