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    More credit score changes

    The credit bureaus are now going to make it harder to include judgment and other liens on your credit score, starting July 1st. This change is out of a bunch of state level lawsuits that accused the credit bureaus of not having proper procedures to make sure the judgments and liens were reported to the right person.

    The positive side is that there should be less junk on your reports that you need to clean up.

    The downside is that some people will undeservedly see an increase in their scores. Leading to possible extension of credit to people with bad risks. Leading to tightening of standards for everyone by just increasing necessary scores.

    Which will lead to the changes backfiring.

  2. More credit score changes
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    More credit, more borrowing, more debt ... and then more PAIN

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    Unfortunately, I think The Frugal is right on this one.

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