Hi there:

I check my credit score weekly on Credit Karma and today the Equifax dropped 9 points and TransUnion stayed stable.

I have good credit both were over 720 before the situation I experienced today.

I have not opened/or closed any accounts. Credit Card usage is never more than 1-2 percent a month and paid in full on time.
Car payment is paid on-time and more than the amount requested.
Two credit cards are paid on time in full always.
I have not applied for any loans and the last late payment was 4 years ago.
I rent and there is no mortgage.

What do you think transpired? This has never happened, as the TransUnion and Equifax scores are normally equal or within two points and every time I log onto Credit Karma the score is either stable or going up.

Obviously this is upsetting and am curious as to what your inclination is.

Thank you for your help.

Equifax was of no help.