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    NJ Mom Still Paying Off Dead Son's Student Loan

    A NJ mom co-signed student loans for her son. Tragically, her son was murdered. And most student loans would allow forgiveness at that point - even for a co-signor. Apparently, not loans issued by the state of NJ.

    NJ runs one of the most stringent student loan programs in the country. And one bankruptcy attorney called the program "set up so that you fail".

    When are we going to reign in the student loan racket?

  2. NJ Mom Still Paying Off Dead Son's Student Loan
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    Eisenhower warned us to beware the military-industrial complex. He should have warned us to beware the educational-lending complex.

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    Government subsidized and regulated student loan debt is just a means of transferring taxpayer dollars to nontaxable (though politically favored) institutions. It occurs at below market costs, driving the prices of education ever higher. And it needs to stop.

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    The whole thing is a total racket. Useless college degrees. Huge student debt. Bad jobs that work you too much and pay you peanuts.

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    This thread reminds me of the Steven Wright joke:

    “If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple payments”

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