Back in 08, things went bad, I couldn't afford to pay bills one being my American express, foolishly had a large balance on it and ended up going to a charge off.
They quit trying and eventually I came to them trying to set up a payment option to pay my debt off.
The last time I made this attempt was right before it fell off my credit report same thing we will accept a check for the amount owed. Fast forward 3 years later I received a letter from them stating they can't sue me for it due to the time that has passed, they can't report it to credit agencies. but at the bottom it states " this opportunity allows you to resolve the balance owed on your American express accout and avoid additional collection activities"
Seems odd to me I reach out and was told pay it in full or nothing and hung up on before now this? seems if they were going to send it to a collection agency they would have years ago? with the age of this and their inability to work with me when I tried is it worth paying it will it affect me? have they past the legal time to come after me for the debt I wanted to pay them but giving them a lump some was never possible. Everything else from back then I settled with the companies and paid them off, these guys it was strictly you owe $X,XXX we will accept a check for that amount nothing less. Should I pay it off? kind of a slap in the face I tried numerous different times now this? I know American express with black list people and everything but my current cards I pay them off just looking for some advice.

Thank you