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    Discover it or Chase Freedom - better rewards for 2013?

    Just wondering which card you guys think has better categories to earn 5% back with this year? Last year I felt like the Chase Freedom categories were pretty weak, especially when it came to the stores you could earn 5% back at. I don't have an IT card currently but would apply if the new categories are substantially better than with Chase.

  2. Discover it or Chase Freedom - better rewards for 2013?
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    I actually have both and thought that Chase had better categories than Discover last year, but it really depends on where you shop. I've been able to dig up the categories for this year, although if I remember correctly last year there were a few surprises thrown in there so I wouldn't be surprised if additional stores or deals are added.

    Also Discover is a bit more secretive with the categories...

    Chase Freedom Categories 2013

    • Q1: Select “department stores” & (great for Holiday shopping!)
    • Q2: Restaurants & Movie Theaters
    • Q3: Gas stations, Theme parks, & Kohl’s
    • Q4: Select “department stores” & (great for Holiday shopping!)

    Discover IT Categories 2013

    • Q1: Restaurants & Movie Theaters
    • Q2: Home Improvement
    • Q3: "Summer Fun" - probably gas and amusement parks
    • Q4: Holiday Shopping (hopefully Amazon again)
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    thanks for posting this. looking forward to receiving my card.

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    Helpful to see the categories side by side! Thinking about both of these as well....

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    I agree with Frugal Mom that the categories with Chase Freedom were better last year - this year I haven't been too impressed.

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