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    Highest Ever Customer Satisfaction Score Goes to Discover

    Discover received their highest ever overall score from J.D. Power in their customer satisfaction study for credit card companies. They got 828 out of 1,000 points.

    One element that stands out is that Discover has all of its call centers in the United States, and their employees take great pride in giving the best possible experience to heir cardmembers.

    Over 20,000 credit card users’ opinions were collected in the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction StudySM. Cardmembers rated Discover highest in every major category such as credit card terms, billing, rewards, benefits and services, resolution of problems, etc.

    So, will study this make you consider Discover even more?

    I know their Discover IT Card is great for not just students but also regular consumers.

  2. Highest Ever Customer Satisfaction Score Goes to Discover
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    Using employees and customer service in the U.S. makes it so much more comfortable. I got tired of the scripted responses from CS reps in India, Philippines, or wherever from a certain credit card issuers that have the ltters _ hase and _ _ _ pital One.

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    I love it. They did the best because we got good ol' fashioned quality American service. Their employees take pride in their service and it shows. Glad to see an award given to inspire them even more.

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    This catches my attention and makes me want to be a part of that good experience. It's like going to a nice restaurant and being given the royal treatment.

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    It keeps them relevant in the war to attract the most credit card customers. They have some great card offers along with great service.

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    I had to call Discover customer service last night because of a suspicious charge. What a great experience.

    More companies need to move away from the menu system, and let you talk to an operator immediately. They are shaving pennies to make customers unhappy.

    I just like the fact that my problem was solved. No wait, no fuss.

    Kudos to Discover and their well deserved satisfaction rating.

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    I agree with this survey result. I love my "it" card.

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