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  1. States with Most Reported ID Thefts
  2. ID Thieves are not always in the U.S.
  3. ID Theft Protection Service Recommendation
  4. See How Bad ID Theft Can Hurt the Victim
  5. Apple Pay Hacked - Worse than Credit Cards
  6. " This Call May Be Monitored" ...for security purposes
  7. Most Damaging Type of ID Theft
  8. Anthem Data Breach Steals Sensitive Data on 80 Million Customers
  9. Ever Had your Paypal acct Hacked or Needed to Change your Password?
  10. ID Theft "High Season" is Here with Income Tax Filings
  11. Who Do you Believe More, the FBI or a Private Company?
  12. Another reason to monitor your credit or SSN activity
  13. 18 Former college students involved in stealing ID of classmates
  14. Signs of ID Theft & Your Next Steps
  15. Neighborhood Watch Busts ID Theft Ring
  16. Are credit scores one reason thieves target you?
  17. FEDs take down 25 in Large Sophisticated ID Theft Operation in Minnesota
  18. Credit Card Skimmers at Gas Station
  19. Stopping Tax Fraud
  20. Shouldn't ID Theft Crimes Be Punished Worse than Drug Users?
  21. Scammers Impersonating Moneypak Customer Service
  22. It Had to Happen at Some Point - ID Theft Insurance
  23. ID Fraud When Thief Mimics Your Lifestyle
  24. 76 Million Accounts Breached at Chase in Latest Hack
  25. Stolen Medical Info Valued at 10 Times More Than Credit Card Data
  26. Troubling Findings from Study
  27. Students Contributing to ID Theft
  28. New Invention Protects People from ID Theft at Medical facilities
  29. Freeze Your Childs Credit Identity to Keep them Safe
  30. ID Theft Protection Coverage - Are Your Really Being Protected?
  31. Watch Out for Online Surveys
  32. Do You Easily Give Up Your SSN to Potential Employers or Medical Clinics?
  33. Right Way To Destroy Old Hard Drive with Sensitive Information
  34. Credit Monitoring Needs an Upgrade at Banks
  35. Lots of ID Theft Everyday Goes Unpublicized
  36. Know Your Rights When it comes to Credit Card or ATM Debit card losses
  37. ID Theft makes Routine Traffic Stop Become Jail Time
  38. Home Depot May have larger breach than Target
  39. State Delays 100,000 Tax Refunds due to possible ID Theft
  40. Americans confused why EMV card not working overseas on typical purchases
  41. Shopping at a Store: ID Theft Tips
  42. Florida ID Theft Convict will be released early for cooperating with Feds
  43. Russians hack 1.2 Billion passwords
  44. ID Theft with VA Healthcare system not so difficult
  45. Back to School is Boom-time for ID Theft Criminals
  46. Synthetic ID Theft - Criminals One Step Ahead
  47. Preventing Identity Theft: Do Banking Wisely
  48. Preventing Identity Theft: Using Free Credit Monitoring
  49. Preventing Identity Theft: Using Credit Cards Instead of Debit Cards
  50. Preventing Identity Theft: Monitoring Bank Accounts
  51. Person buying a house finds out he owes IRS due to ID Theft
  52. Do you pay your bills online or mail it in?
  53. Fake or Real Collection Agency using Automated Voice Mail to Contact You
  54. Do stores in certain states check your ID for a purchase more than others?
  55. Still Using Old Tech because it's secure?
  56. ID Theft fears from a small survey
  57. ID Theft Worsening from Last Year
  58. Another ID Theft ring busted in Denver
  59. Hotel Scams to watch out for
  60. New Ideas for Security on your accounts
  61. Ever had more than 1 account charged on same day
  62. Yahoo email accts hacked in Jan.
  63. Tough to trust any company nowadays
  64. Latest tip for travelers
  65. Do online hacks of major companies concern you?
  66. Do you know someone who takes ID Theft prevention to the extreme?
  67. Contest a small charge you are sure is not yours?
  68. How a foreign scammer got access to 200 Million American's SSN's
  69. A few tips to avoid ID theft...anything I left out?
  70. Sam's Club making an Effort to Prevent Fraud with Microchip
  71. Eight Numbers Identity Thieves Want From You
  72. Do you use the new high-tech Wocket to guard against identity theft?
  73. New Grads Are Vulnerable To Identity Theft
  74. Are Chase Cards more susceptible to Fraud?
  75. Once Fraud is Detected Do You Change Your Card?
  76. Don't Forget to Protect your Child from ID Theft
  77. Beware of Skimmers on Stamp Kiosks
  78. Security breach with Experian and US Infosearch over 200 million people
  79. Possible data breach from NCO Financial
  80. Target to bring in chip technology to their new cards?
  81. How to remember all your passwords?
  82. Identity theft suspect caught on camera - looking for suspect
  83. Heartbleed Bug - Good Idea to Change Passwords on Sites
  84. What are some of the signs of identity theft?
  85. Mail bank statements or electronic statements? Which is better?
  86. Is is possible for people to use your mail for identity theft?
  87. One Lady's Story About The Target Breach
  88. Target, Nordstrom, Easton-Bell Sports Data Issues
  89. Barclays Data Breach - British High Street Bank Data Loss
  90. Tips for Identity Theft Prevention
  91. 5 Things You Need to Know About Identity Theft
  92. Five Tips for Preventing Identity Theft
  93. Looking for tips for protecting your personal devices
  94. Two arrests related to Target credit card breach
  95. Update on Target Breach - Warning from Homeland Security to Retailers (110 Million)
  96. Are you still using credit cards or paying by cash now?
  97. Neiman Marcus Credit Card Breach in Addition to Target Breach
  98. Identity theft over the phone?
  99. Priority: Target Breach - Ask for a New Credit Card
  100. Online identity theft - information and tips
  101. Tax Identity Theft - Helpful Tips??
  102. How much do you value your personal information?
  103. Do you know the six types of identity theft?
  104. Preventing Holiday Identity Theft
  105. Do you know anyone who's had their identity stolen?
  106. Risk of identity theft from online shopping?
  107. Best Paper Shredder?
  108. Employer Used my Personal Credit Card and then Didn't Pay
  109. Sign the Back of Card or Provide ID?
  110. Seeking Protection from Online Identity Theft
  111. Mint.com concerns
  112. How To Unsubscribe from Lifelock and Identity Guard
  113. How Do I Cancel LifeLock?
  114. Are Identity Theft Protection Services Really Worth It?
  115. What To Do If You Think Your Identity Has Been Stolen