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    What Does the American Express Extended Warranty Program Cover?

    For those that weren’t aware, American Express offers an extended warranty program to its cardholders. It automatically applies, with no need to sign up or pay any extra fees. This warranty covers a wide variety of products, although there are severable notable exceptions. Keep reading to find out who and what is (or isn’t) eligible, how much time the warranty will add on, and a few other details about American Express’s extended warranty.

    Time Requirements

    First of all, there’s a timeframe. Even if you have an eligible item, if the warranty is expired, eligibility won’t matter. American Express will double the item’s manufacturer’s warranty, up to a maximum of one extra year. In addition, this only applies to items that have a warranty of five years or less. So if your original warranty was six months, it’s now a year. If it was two years, it’s now three. And if it was six years, it’s still six.

    Purchase Requirements

    This one is a biggie. It may also be obvious to some cardholders, but it’s worth mentioning. To be eligible for this program, you must have purchased the item with your American Express card. If you paid for part of the purchase with your AMEX and part with another card, the item is not eligible.

    Types of Purchases Not Covered

    According To American Express’s “Description of Coverage,” certain items are not covered by their extended warranty. Purchases not covered include the following:

    1. Products covered by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee
    2. Motorized vehicles
    3. Motorized devices or parts used for agriculture, landscaping, demolition, or construction
    4. Motorized devices or parts which are permanent additions to a building
    5. Business fixtures such as air conditioning, heaters, or refrigerators
    6. Land or buildings
    7. Consumable or perishable items
    8. Animals or live plants
    9. More than one item in a set
    10. Items still under a payment plan (for example, layaway)
    11. Items where you purchase an extended warranty
    12. Items purchased for resale or commercial use

    Other Requirements and Exclusions

    Besides these types of items that are not covered, there are a few other circumstances that can invalidate the warranty. Damage caused by natural disasters or power surges is not covered, unless covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Products suffering from mechanical failure covered under product recall are not covered either. Finally, if a cardmember abuses the product or uses it for fraudulent or illegal purposes, the extended warranty is also void.

    To be eligible for the extended warranty, you can either be the primary cardholder or an additional cardholder on the card used to make the purchase. You also must be a resident of the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, the warranty only applies to items with manufacturer’s warranties that are valid in the U.S.

    A Final Word

    By now, you should have figured out whether your product is eligible for a refund or repair. If your item qualifies, congratulations! Now is the time to gather up all of your paperwork and call or go online to make a claim. For instructions on how to file your claim, check out the second half of this post:

  2. What Does the American Express Extended Warranty Program Cover?
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    This is one of the best perks offered by Amex and is why it's a good idea to use an Amex card if you have one for your super high end purchases, especially expensive electronics that tend to break more often than we would all like to believe.

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    We have had to use the extended warranty two times and it's worked like a charm!
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    This is why I buy all of my electronics with Blue Cash.

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