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    Target and Walmart don't count as grocery stores ?!?!?

    I have the AMEX Blue Cash Rewards Preferred card. For those who don't know, it gives 6% back on groceries. 3% on gas, 3% on department stores, and 1% back on everything else. Sounds awesome, right?

    Well, I was planning at least getting 3% back at Target (where I shop for almost everything) if it was counted as a dept. store or 6% if they count it at groceries. I buy like 75% of my groceries here, and the others at farmer's markets, fruit stands, etc. On my last statement, I noticed that my Target purchases were not categorized as either of these. So, I was confused at first but decided to call American Express to see what was up. Amex was really nice about it, but they informed me that they categorize Target and Walmart as wholesale stores, which don't receive any extra cash back!

    Well, I'm furious/annoyed because this changes my whole shopping agenda. I have now had to start driving almost 20 minutes away to go grocery shopping just to earn the cash back. When shopping, I try to go to Sears or Kohl's now to earn the 3% back, which are also each at least half an hour away. So, I drive past TWO Target's on my way to all these places. I loved the convenience Target offered, but I can't stand missing out on the better cash back offers at other places.

    Is Amex the only place that is really picky about this? I'm wondering if other card companies consider "wholesale store" as grocery stores, or what?

    Sorry to rant!

  2. Target and Walmart don't count as grocery stores ?!?!?
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    Yes, Target, Walmart and other stores like that kind of fall in a weird limbo land when it comes to the rewards categories...they don't seem to qualify as department stores or grocery stores which is why I use my Target REDcard for my shopping there.
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    Although does count as a department store... very strange.

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    I think I'm going to apply for the Target Redcard right now. I should definitely be earning more rewards and cash back since I shop there almost exclusively. It is annoying that I can't use my Blue Cash there since it's my primary card. What is the rewards system on the Target card?

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    I think it's awesome that amazon is a department store! I like getting extra rewards back from the place I buy EVERYTHING. well, except milk. and gas. but I get those at places I get bonus cash back anyway

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