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    You've Been Selected - American Express Pre-Approval?

    I keep getting American Express Premier Rewards gold offers in the mail... I have never been an American Express cardholder but the sign up bonus looks pretty good so I am considering applying BUT my credit scores are in the low 700's. Since I'm being BOMBARDED by these, does that mean I probably qualify? What do you think my odds are of getting approved?

  2. You've Been Selected - American Express Pre-Approval?
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    I used to receive these every week and yet I was denied the first time I applied - Amex is very picky and even if you have a good credit score and are "pre-approved" you can be denied for some BS reason. If you are denied just call for reconsideration or keep applying every six months and you will get in eventually.

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    Even though the envelop is golden, being pre-approved is not a golden ticket to membership - but it does mean you chances are fair. If you haven't applied for a card in the past six months what do you have to lose? If you are denied but really want a rewards card you can always apply for Capital One or Chase the same day, before the Amex pull gets reported.

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    IMO pre-qualification is a joke... ESPECIALLY with American Express. When you submit your actual application, they take many more factors into account. Not trying to be a debbie downer but proceed with caution!
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    I honestly think they just send those out to everyone they have in their database. They want you to apply, but that's when they do the actual credit checks. Then they decide if you qualify.

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    I applied after getting a pre-approval offer and wasn't instantly approved (see my thread) but did end up getting approved after a manual evaluation. So in my case it did work.

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    they send these out to just about everyone. We have gotten them addressed to my son who is 17!!

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