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    True Earnings Card From American Express & Costco (3% Cash Back)

    The True Earnings Card from American Express & Costco provides three percent cash back on gasoline purchases up to $4000 each year. Then the percentage goes to one percent cash back on gasoline purchases. There are other ways to earn cash back including through restaurants (2%), travel purchases (2%) and other purchases can earn one percent cash back.

    This card is an American Express and a Costco membership card. With this card, there are no annual fees for current members of the wholesale club.
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  2. True Earnings Card From American Express & Costco (3% Cash Back)
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    Registered User Enthusiast
    This is different to have a Costco card and American Express tied together. Good benefit for those who have a Costco membership, though.

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    Registered User Junior Member
    We don't have a Costco near us, but we have a Sam's Club. It would be nice if American Express would couple up with a few more companies to offer the same type of benefits.

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    I shop Sam's but never been near a Costco. Would be nice to have this option offered for Sam's Club.

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    Hello, Have fun

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