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    The Blue for Business AE Credit Card Comes With 10,000 Bonus Points

    The Blue for Business AE Credit Card comes with 10,000 bonus points right now and is another credit card I am pondering about in starting my new business. I also like the fact the card provides a possible 30% annual bonus without having to pay high annual fees for the use of the card.

    Investing points into your business is an option as well as using the points for clients. I won't really have any employees at this point in the venture, but for those who do they can also use points for employee rewards.

  2. The Blue for Business AE Credit Card Comes With 10,000 Bonus Points
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    Let us know what you go with and how it turns out. It is nice to know this information. Thanks

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    The annual bonus can be very beneficial when using the AE business line. Thanks for the information!
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    30% seems like a high reward to me. I don't know of any other card which offers this kind of return on rewards.

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