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    2 Elite AMEX Cards

    AmEx Centurion (also called the American Express Black): an invitation only card with an yearly cost of $2,500, plus their one-time $5,000 application fee. Wow, that dwarfs what mortgage lenders used to get away with in years past of a $400-$500 application fee.

    American Express Platinum
    - a step down from the Black card but it also has an annual fee of $450. However, the perks more than surpass the cost. For example, you get a $200 credit towards airline incidental, a $100 credit to the Global Entry program which allows to bypass customs' waiting lines, and entry to preferred Priority Pass, Delta, Centurion and Airspace lounges. Moreover, cardholders get invitation-only events, companion tickets, and improved rental car coverage compared to different AMEX cards like Gold and Green

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  2. 2 Elite AMEX Cards
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    Based on fees alone, I'd have to pick the AMEX Platinum.
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    When you say yearly cost on the AE Black, is this annual fees or what type of fees/charges?

    A one time application fee of $5K? So, is this particular card considered a business card?
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    Yes. that is a yearly (annual) fee for the AE Black card. Nope, its not a business card but can be used as such.

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    The perks may very well overshadow the fees or make you think very little of it.

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    Actually, the best cards from AMEX are:

    1.) Blue Cash: there's a no-fee "Blue Cash Everyday" and a higher-rewards "Blue Cash Preferred".


    2.) the AmEx Platinum as you mentioned.

    The Blue Cash Rewards is the best and the reason is because you get a $100 signup bonus, but you earn a eye-opening 6% back on up to $6k spent on groceries each year, unlimited 3% on gas and department stores, and 1% on all other purchases. This is in contrast to the 3%, 2% and 1%, if ones opts for the Blue Cash Everyday

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    I don't spend $500 month (to total $6,000 a year) on groceries but 6% certainly does help. I'd prefer 2% plus on all other purchases.

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    Google Wallet can be used when merchants don't accept AMEX.

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    I read that Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis, a Sports Illustrated model girlfriend used their Black cards in Rome at an Italian restaurant.

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