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    AMEX partners with Starwood Hotels

    In an effort to keep affluent clientele, American Express is offering more perks to Starwood's preferred guests.

  2. AMEX partners with Starwood Hotels
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    You lose some clients, you win some. It's as easy as that. Plus, you are targeting clients who are big spenders as opposed to Costco shoppers who are looking to save money on bulk purchases. Perhaps they should give incentives to people who shop at other affluent retail businesses like Whole Foods.

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    Sometimes going with another card can be equal or better. Consider the Chase Ritz Carlton card if you travel a few times every 3-6 months and stay at hotels.

    After you makes purchase of $2,000 in the first 3 months some excellent bonuses kick-in like:
    5% cash back on every $1 billed to your guest room
    2% points on every $1 purchases for airlines, car rentals, and dining
    1% for every $1 purchase any other place

    AirBnb can't compete with this (so far).

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