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    Best news I've had all day!

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    The new offer is from a Chinese company. So your conversations may be bugged.

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    Well, Marriott is back on top again. But I expect the other company involved to up its bid.

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    I am not even sure how this mega-merger makes sense for Marriott. Some back-end cost savings. But there seems to be so much pressure on hotels room charges thanks to Airbnb, VRBO and other internet plays allowing us to compare prices and find deals, that I do not see the long term benefit.

    Plus, with market prices to high right now, they are buying at the top.

    Yeah ... they are really going to need to scale back that SPG rewards program to even begin to make sense of this one.

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    I am excited to announce that the Marriott bid was topped again.

    What is so amusing about this is how late in the game it all comes. Starwood publicly shopped itself for sale last year, and got very little interest. Only months after the original Marriott deal was announced did this Chinese insurer decide to get involved in the US hotel industry. I suspect they will pay whatever price is necessary to win - only to find they lose. But good news for long term Starwood shareholders!

    And the other beneficiary will probably be SPG members - who will probably get the keep their vaunted rewards program. Unless Marriott decides to go crazy.

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    As This Deal Turns

    The Chinese insurer that came in trying to break up Starwood-Marriott deal walked away. Which is unbelievable since they had just upped their bid on Monday (as John W. pointed out).

    I guess SPG members will need to adjust to life under Marriott - and possibly life with a less generous rewards card and guest benefits program.

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