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    Sam's Club Now Accepting American Express Cards

    I may be a little late on finding out about this one: Sam's Club is now accepting American Express cards.

    I'm not sure if this is a complete replacement for the deal AmEx had with Costco. But it is a start.

    Plus, now through December 31st, American Express cardholders can get $25 off a new Sam'e Club membership. For full offer terms and conditions, and some information on the benefits of a Sam's Club membership, check out this link:

  2. Sam's Club Now Accepting American Express Cards
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    Registered User Semi Pro Member
    I wonder how large retail stores begin accepting a vendor.

    What is the benefit on their end?

    Perhaps it's a percentage of gross sales.

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    Registered User Senior Member
    I thought there was some scandal involving Sams Club. Guess I was wrong if American Express is getting involved.

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    Well, if I stopped shopping every store that has an idiot executive, I'd have no where to shop. So I'm just ignoring the scandal. Let the social justice warrior take care of it.

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