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    Plenti card

    Anyone know what Amex is doing with the Plenti card? And is it something worth my time to look into?


  2. Plenti card
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    Trying not to appear like an old and stale brand?

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    I thought it was just a rewards program. Is it a credit card too?

    I've never looked into it, but I do see it advertised a lot.

    You've got me curious to learn more.

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    Is this a rewards program I should be taking advantage of? Will it save me money? Or just encourage me to spend more?

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    Now that Amex has launched an official Plenti rewards card, we will need to get a review up. This does look like a straightforward rewards program, though I think more designed to attract millenials to the Amex brand. But we need to do some research to figure out the value of the rewards.

    In the meantime, here are the FAQs for the Plenti rewards program:

    And here is the page for the Plenti Amex card: Plenti credit card details

    As others have noted, you can join Plenti and still get rewards points as well as pay at checkout with a different rewards card (such as a Capital One card).
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    How the Plenti Rewards Program Works

    Sorry about the slow response. We are still working on a complete review of the new Plenti Amex card and the Plenti rewards program. For now, I'll just provide you some details on the rewards program. And, you do not need the Plenti Amex to participate. In fact, Plenti gives you the opportunity to earn rewards on your spending without using a credit card. (Though you can certainly use your regular rewards credit card to pay!)

    How Plenti Works

    To begin using Plenti, you will need to register your card and link loyalty accounts with some businesses like Rite Aid. With most stores, swipe your Plenti card or offer your phone number to the provider. While Amex does now offer a Plenti credit card, most people are currently using a separate rewards card. For those users, your Plenti card is not a payment method.

    There are three ways to earn Plenti points:

    1. Automatically. You automatically earn Plenti points by shopping with stores or companies that participate in the program and swiping your rewards card at checkout.
    2. Special offers. You can also register for special deals online or through the Plenti app. These offers work like coupons and change weekly. Examples of current special offers include 300 points on your first Exxon or Mobil purchase of at least 10 gallons of fuel.
    3. Shop online. You can earn Plenti points by shopping through the program's Online Marketplace. You'll earn at least 1 point per $1, but many stores offer better rewards. For example, you can earn 5 points per $1 by shopping at Shutterfly through the Online Marketplace.

    Where Can You Earn Plenti Points?

    You will generally earn at least 1 Plenti point per $1 spent at partner retailers, but some retailers offer more points.

    Plenti partners currently include:

    • AT&T
    • Exxon and Mobil gas stations
    • Macy's
    • Rite Aid
    • Hulu
    • Enterprise Rent-a-Car
    • Dozens of online retailers through the Online Marketplace

    More partners are in the works, but American Express has said that competitors of existing members will never be added to the list. That means that Netflix, Walgreens, and BP, for example, will not be partners.

    How to Redeem Plenti Points

    Every 1,000 Plenti points are equal to $10. Once you have at least 200 points (or $2), you can use Plenti points to save money at checkout at Rite Aid, Mobil, Macy's, or AT&T .

    This is a major downside to the program: you cannot yet redeem your rewards everywhere you can earn them. For example, while you can earn Plenti points at Hulu, you can't use your rewards toward a Hulu subscription.

    That being said, each dollar you spend will generally be worth about $0.01 (or a 1% reward), with occasional opportunities to earn bonus rewards.

    Is Plenti Worth It?

    According to NBC News, American Express rolled out the program before it could build complete functionality for redeeming points. The program is now more than one year old and there's no telling when or if improvements will be made to the redemption process.

    That being said, Plenti has a great concept. You can credit card type rewards earn points at many retailers without a credit card program. While there are still only a limited number of partners, Plenti is really only worth the effort if you shop at Macy's or Rite Aid frequently. The Rite Aid offers in particular are usually very good through Plenti and can save you more than coupons. And we expect the program to continue to expand and improve now that Amex has launched a new Plenti Amex card.

    Another bonus is that you can take advantage of Plenti rewards and the rewards from your regular credit card. (Not to mention that you can still use coupons and other discounts). Stacking all of these together allows you to get back more on your every day purchases.
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    Nice writeup. I'll be interesting in checking out your review of the Plenti credit card. I'm wondering if the regular rewards program gets you most of the benefits, and if you'll be better off paying with a traditional rewards card on top of the Plenti rewards.

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    After reading the write up, I want to uproot the comment about this being Amex's attempt not to appear old and stale. It just sounds like an attempt to appeal to millennials and start to get them hooked to the benefits of an American Express card.

    But sort of half-a$$ed.

    Long gone are the days when you can show Seinfeld paying at the pump with your card and be socially relevant/hip. Your appeal needs to be more natural and organic.

    And this is not natural or organic. It just feels forced.

    So I expect to see this program quietly retired in a year or two.

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    The complete Plenti review is now available. Check it out on the blog:

    Plenti Rewards Program and Credit Card: Our Take

    Thanks for your patience everyone. And we hope you enjoy the review.
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    Wow! My simple question gave me a lot of info back. Thanks for preparing all that stuff.

    Thanks to the partnership with At&T, I think Plenti could be a nice additional rewards system for me to use.

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