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    Amex Platinum vs Chase Sapphire Reserve

    I am curious: anyone here have a Platinum Card? If so, are considering giving it up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

  2. Amex Platinum vs Chase Sapphire Reserve
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    I've thought about getting the Reserve card. I am tempted by the low hanging fruit of the 100,000 bonus points. If I transfer those to United as miles, that's a free business class ticket to Paris right there.

    After that, the card would provide no added benefit over my existing cards. So probably a one-and-done for me.

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    This is why I need to get my credit score into the 800s. I want these kind of problems!

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    For those of us in Atlanta, United is not a great airline option. So I will not even try to kid myself I can take advantage of a CSR card.

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    I also think there is a huge advantage to taking out the CSR card at the end of this year. Since the $300 travel credit is paid out based on the calendar year, you can use it in 2016 and then again in 2017. And if you cancel the card before you've had it for a year, you will get $600 in travel credits and only paid the $450 fee once.

    This way, instead of having a net fee of $150, you have a net credit in the same amount.

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