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    What the Marriott Merger Means for Your Starwood Amex Card

    Good news for now for holders of the Starwood Amex credit cards: you SPG credit card and its rewards program will remain in place at least until 2018.

    For now, both the Marriott and Starwood cards will remain as separately branded cards, and the respective loyalty rewards progream will also remain separate, at least through the end of 2017.

    There is more good news. If you link your accounts, then you will also be able to enjoy these additional perks:

    • Status match - The new entity will match your highest status in either program
    • Points transfer - You can earn points in one program and then transfer them to the other. Three Marriott Rewards points will equal one SPG Starpoint, and vice versa.

    This seems like the best possible outcome for SPG members.

  2. What the Marriott Merger Means for Your Starwood Amex Card
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    FYI: the Ritz-Carlton reward program will also be participating.

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    The big thing for me is my Starwood Platinum status get me equal status at Marriott. Really extends the reach of hotels for me, especially in Europe where Starwood is weak.

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    I saw post about the Marriott rewards sign up offer and realized the unique opportunity available right now.

    Take out both a new Starwood and Marriott card. And earn the welcome reward on both cards to generate a ton of free nights!

    Basically, combining the two offers should generate for you 5 to 6 nights of free hotel stays.

    Check out more details in this post.

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    I have to admit, I would never have thought to do that. But what a great idea!

    Thanks lathinker.

    Elite status, here I come.

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    Agreed. This is a great situation.

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    It's a great time for those who love to travel to have excellent credit. Combine the offers from the SPG and Marriott card on your Marriott rewards program to take advantage of hotels in Europe. Then take out the new CSR card and transfer the 100,000 welcome points to United or BA. And have yourself a nice European vacation with your normal spending.

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    Another way to play this is to get the two cards, earn both signup bonus offers, and then transfer all your points over to the SPG program.

    You can then transfer those Starpoints out of SPG to to an airline frequent flyer program or redeem for tickets. Follow the link to see how generous this program is.

    At the end of the day, I think you would have over 50,000 Starpoints just from the bonus. That can be redeemed for two tickets priced in the $280-$345 range. Not too shabby a way to earn approximately 10% back on your spending.

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    That airline tip is nice. But I think I can squeeze more value for my points using them for hotel stays, especially of I can get say 6 nights that would average $200/night. That would take a $1,200 stay down to $0.

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    You can also transfer Starpoints directly to several airline frequent flyer programs on 1:1 basis. Plus, you'll get a 25% bonus (5,000 miles) for every 20,000 points you transfer.

    This probably works out to be the best deal on your spend with these two cards.

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