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    News about Amex special offers?

    a colleague was just telling me that amex is offering some pretty sweet sign up offers. is this right? i haven't seen anything about this going around. admittedly, been busy at work tho.

  2. News about Amex special offers?
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    I think there are some nice bonus offers for the gold and platinum business cards. But just the regular welcome offers for the other cards.

    I don't have a business, so I did not pay much attention.

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    Anything to stop me from forming a LLC to take advantage of this?

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    I think you also say in the application that you are making charges with the card that are for business expenses. If you pay your bill, I doubt anyone will complain. But i wouldn't take out a card under false pretenses.

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    i don;t want to be a liar. but will anyone care, as long as i pay the bills.

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    Not a great idea to think you will not get caught. I've heard of card hackers getting banned by multiple banks for doing stuff that did not validate that T&Cs of the offer. So incurring personal expenses on a biz card that is not for an actual operating business seems like a quick way to be banned, and maybe even having the bonus annulled.

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