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    Amex Platinum Card Remember to Add to Uber

    If you have an American Express Platinum card please remember to add to your uber account for $15 dollar monthly credit towards uber. Here are a few details from the promotion.

    Those with the Platinum Card will receive $15 in Uber credits each month, and $35 in Uber credits in December. Each credit is only valid for the month in which itís issued and for rides in the U.S. Thereís no need to actually pay for any Uber ride with the Platinum Card, but rather youíll just have to link your accounts and then the code will automatically be added to your account.

    Here are the benefits youíll now receive with Uber:

    $15 in Uber credits each month for rides in the US, and an extra $20 credit every December with your Platinum Card Membership. That can mean up to $200 annually in Uber savings!;
    As a Platinum Card Member, youíre also automatically enrolled in Uber VIP status with access to drivers who have earned top user ratings.

  2. Amex Platinum Card Remember to Add to Uber
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    Thanks for the tip.

    Any deals like this available with Lyft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCardsPhD View Post
    Thanks for the tip.

    Any deals like this available with Lyft?
    I don't know of anything for lift but I expect this market to get much more competitive. In New York we also have Juno offering 30% off the first month, and Gett offering $50 dollars in Free Rides.

    There is also VIA that runs only in Manhattan as a carpool service using SUVs primarily.

    Its good for the consumer right now as all these companies are fighting for market share.

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