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kevinWelcome to CreditForums by CreditShout!

We are here to help you build or rebuilt your credit, eliminate your debt, and improve your finances.

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A Little Background

CreditForums was started by our founder, Kevin (pictured above!), as an extension of his work on CreditShout.

Kevin’s first run-in with his credit report was in college. Like many students, he tried to apply for a credit card and was denied due to a lack of credit history. He did not even know he had something called a credit report.

Through CreditShout, we realized a lot of people run into similar problems.

Many ask: “How can you build credit if it’s nearly impossible to get credit in the first place?”

After all, most credit cards require:

  • Good to excellent credit scores;
  • Proven credit history; and
  • A track record of on-time payments.

Starting CreditForums.com

When we started CreditForums, there was a ton valuable information online. Unfortunately, it was spread out across dozens of different financial sites and forums. Getting your questions answered would literally take hours of research and due diligence. Who has the time for that?

We decided there has to be a better way…

CreditForums is a community that is 100% focused on helping you improve your credit and personal finances. We provide the credit building tips and strategies to help you improve your score as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our team has also reviewed hundreds of credit cards and financial products on CreditForums and CreditShout, so you can make informed decisions and avoid offers with hidden fees and lots of fine print.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you take the time to sign up and become a part of the CreditForums community.

There are a lot of great people who are ready and willing to help.

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