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    Don't get Sam's Club Discover Card

    Customer service is HORRIBLE. The only option to set up a monthly auto-pay of the full balance is to go through a janky third party provider (becomes Sam's has chosen not to enable this service with GE Money Bank who is the card processor). Once established, you can unknowingly turn OFF the service by answering on the Sam's Discover site that you would like electronic statements from Sam's. There are at least two other ways that the service can be UNKNOWINGLY discontinued by you... Each time it is unknowingly discontinued, there are late fees and time-consuming hassle to get to the bottom of what happened and correct it. The last straw for me was when I had a vendor illegally charge me $1235 on my Sam's Discover. I immediately disputed it. Sam's Discover failed to reverse the charge while it was in dispute, and the autopay took the full amount from my bank account. Sam's Discover promised three times that they sent me a check to reimburse me for the amount. They claim they cannot refund the money to the bank account they withdrew it from, they can only send a check. 13 weeks later, I still don't have a check or my money back. I've seen other reviews from people who have had issues collecting their cash back rewards, and the reward system itself is misleading, since you don't start getting 2% back until you've spent several thousand dollars. Just stay away from these cards. There are many better Discover Cards out there (such as the "Escape" card).

  2. Don't get Sam's Club Discover Card
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    Sams Club accepts ANY mastercard.. there are much better cards out there for saving at Sams Club than the Discover Branded card that doesn't even give you a bonus for shopping at Sams Club. You also have to spend at least $1,500 to earn 1% back on your purchases and the rewards cap out at $250,000 in spending each year.

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    I use my Capital One Cash card at Sams Club and get 1.5% cash back (after you account for the end of the year bonus). Highly recommend it if you're looking for a good card to use there.

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    Sams Club is essentially Walmart so of course the card is going to be horrible...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runner45 View Post
    Sams Club is essentially Walmart so of course the card is going to be horrible...
    There's nothing wrong with Sams Club or Walmart...
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    Intesting that we're plugging for the AMEX for costco and jeering this one. I'd love to see a comparison one of these days...

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