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    Latest news on Target credit card breach more trouble ahead

    I was reading an article today in our local news paper. Now, they are saying that over 70 million people or more may be affected by the Target credit card breach. They are also saying that not only did the hackers access pin numbers, account numbers, expiration dates...they also gained access to email addresses, home addresses, as well as more personal information including names.

    This is truly disturbing and I hope they get all of this mess straightened out. Larger companies should be the first ones in line to be sure our information is protected to the tenth degree (or more!).

  2. Latest news on Target credit card breach  more trouble ahead
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    This is so bad. I feel for the people who have dealt with a business like Target only to find their information has been stolen.

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    This is a lot of people. I don't really like the chips that some cards have, but I hear it is safer than the magnetic strips. I bet there will be some major changes coming to the credit card industry to up the ante on security.

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    I was unaware they had one before the one in April. Very surprising and now I will always pay in cash there.

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    Thankfully, right now it is said that no social security numbers were taken. The United States Secret Service is working with Target on the breach as well as The Department of Justice.

    According to Target, the breach in April is not considered as a second breach with the company. They are moving forward to chip technology in their credit cards and they will be available early in 2015. They were moving in this direction any way and now have put their plan for the chipped cards in place much sooner than originally planned.
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