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    Sixty percent of hospitals deal with security breaches

    Did you know that around 60% of hospitals deal with security breaches? A new report was released by Meritalk just recently.

    "Of the security breaches reported, about:

    58% by malware and viruses;
    42% by outside cyber attacks; and
    38% by a breach in physical security"

    There are more than credit card companies who need to take a look at their security measures!

  2. Sixty percent of hospitals deal with security breaches
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    This does not sound good. I am sure there are things that go on that the public is unaware of. Makes me look at hospitals differently though.

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    This is kinda scarey. There are probably a lot of things we do not know about. The hospitals should work harder to ensure our personal information is safe. I think businesses should be held to a higher standard in this respect.

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    These figures do not look so good. Nearly have of the breaches are from out side in the form of cyber attacks. Hopefully, this will change. The hospitals see so many people and have important information store about them. Many of the bigger hospitals are going to less papers and more computer based info being kept on each patient.

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    I would have to agree that hospitals should work harder to protect our information. I also think other businesses should do everhything in their power to protect their customers. We are the ones who are left with the pain of reclaiming our identity if it is stolen.

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    We would probably all be amazed at what happens behind closed doors. I am sure if there was a breach in personal information that the hospitals were aware of they are bound by law to inform the patient. I agree the businesses should be held to a much higher standard since they have so many different patient's/customer's information.
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    I am so glad I do not give them my SSN for visits where I pay cash or credit. If I am not applying for credit or a loan I see no reason at all to give my SSN. I simply don't provide it and never had a problem.

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    I wonder what the number is for department stores.

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    Is it medical overall or just hospitals?

    How about Doctor clinics, dentists, cosmetic surgeons too?

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    So, if we see a positive trend of less hospital there is progress. I think they can do that if they really make an effort and not excuses based on costs and manpower alone. Just look at some companies on the stock market who report losses quarter after quarter.

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