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    Complaints about Banks

    Close to 50% of complaints from consumers concerning banking services are attributed to opening, closing or managing their accounts. Another 25% are with deposits and withdrawals. Transaction holds and unauthorized transactions dominate this category. Difficulties caused by low funds, such as overdraft fees and bounced checks, are another substantial complaint category. Around 11% of consumers are confused and somewhat angry with sending or receiving payments, and 6% have become flustered with just using their issued ATM or debit cards.

  2. Complaints about Banks
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    Nice to hear some statistics on this. I bank where the customer service is high on the list and there is good communications when the need arises. It pays to have a bank who is willing to help you and work with you when you need it.
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    I can only complain about the fees for money orders or cashier's checks. The clerks don't make the fee structure and most smirk about the price and know you can get it for $1 at a large grocery store chain right up the street than for $5-$8 at a bank.

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    In our area, the banks do charge more for cashier's checks. They typically charge around $2-3 per money order/cashier's check. At our local grocery store, we pay around 50 cents per money order.
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    I don't think they need to charge this high of a fee for cashiers checks or money orders to their own customers. Even the bank teller gives me a smirk of their fee knowing full well it is 4x as much than 7-eleven. I need to start using a credit union if people say from experience they have the lowest fees and even reimburse you when you use out of network ATMs.
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