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    Credit Report Problems? Try

    Over the last few weeks, we have been interviewing to see if we could add them to our recommended Resources for Building and Repairing Your Credit. Today we finally added them.

    If you need help removing incorrect or outdated items from your credit report, and you are not getting any traction doing it yourself, then you need to check them out. (FYI, here is a list of tips on fixing your own credit report, if you want to do it your self.)

    You start off with a free consultation. From there, if you enroll in their program, you get:

    • A personal credit advisor
    • Personalized credit repair plan
    • Credit reports, credit score tracking and analysis
    • TransUnion credit monitoring
    • A personal dashboard
    • Mobile app with alerts.

    And typical customers complete their program in 3 or 4 months. Over that time, the average customer sees 11.6 negative items removed from their credit report and a 40 point increase in their credit score. Please keep in mind that these are average results. Your results may vary.

    How do they get such great results so quickly? Well, they are integrated with TransUnion and Equifax - so they get fast results with two of the major credit bureaus. And they are still able to help you achieve speedy results with Experian.

    The service does cost $89.95/month. And you can expect to be enrolled in their program for three to four months. However, for those who need help correcting problems on their credit report, this service is worth it.

    To learn more about or to get a free consultation, you can call them at (844) 346-3175.

  2. Credit Report Problems? Try
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    I like the DIY article you linked to. I'm going to start there.

    Consider cleaning up my credit report part of my new years resolutions.

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