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    Good News For New College Students

    One of the biggest companies I have about education - in hindsight - is that I never fully appreciated the real cost of my student loans.

    For future college students, there is some good news on that from. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators now is putting out a Code of Conduct that is going to standardize the letters students receive, and do a better job of explaining the costs involved.

    The next step is to stop calling these programs "financial aid". It implies there are a lot more tuition discounts being handed out. I think most of this aid comes in the form of loans. And though these loans may be relatively cheap and valuable - you need to know the true cost. It may even help you make more rational career decisions down the road.

  2. Good News For New College Students
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    I think more and more people are starting to rethinking student loans - or at least appreciate their cost. Hopefully, this will help.

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