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    Wow, PaulS, those numbers are scary.

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    My opinion is that the Fed has consciously acted to first help inflate a housing bubble, and then re-inflate it. Meanwhile, over that period the economy's growth rate has been declining. And the Fed has been lowering its estimates of the potential growth rate of the economy as well.

    This all translates to a country that is paying ever increasing amounts just for housing, while not seeing any meaningful increase in incomes. The housing prices cannot be supported. And they will op again, and probably be even more painful.

    But that is what nearly a decade of emergency monetary policies will get you.

    On the other hand, I pray that I am wrong.

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    looks like rising mortgage rates have slowed down new home sales. at least for now. but with fannie, freddie and ginnie all pushing gov't guaranteed loans with minimal down payments, the bubble is sure to continue to grow.

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