I have two real estate loans with a small bank I have been with since 2006. The loans had a 5 year call, and I asked them to renew the loans, which they agreed to do. My accountant was working on my taxes, which the bank asked for and they were not done. I talked with the loan officer and told him my accountant had every thing he needed but was being slow. I put the loan officer in touch with the accountant and they talked several times. The two notes renewed. BUT the bank has put on both loans on my credit report that I was late 30-60 days and it dropped my score 150 points.
I was not late. I made the payment every month as usual. I have the proof in the canceled checks. I am always about a week early. They say that the balance was due and payable when the loan was due, and the loan became past due for two months because I didn't pay the principle. I told them that the loan officer knew it, the bank had agreed to renew the loan and I had made the payments as agreed.
I filed with the SC Department of Consumer Affairs and this bank wrote them back and said that they did not work with the SC Department of Consumer Affairs and would settle this with me directly and they have done nothing.

Can I do anything? Are they right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I buy, rent and sell houses privately (not a realtor) and this has really put me in a bind.