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    The high desert

    Lexington law firm does NOT provide dispute letters to clients? SPAM disputes ONLY?

    This is a repost because it certainly deserves a separate topic.

    Please note: It was a READER who had signed up for Lexington, I'm just reposting:

    Email #1: Copy of email from Lexington Law Firm stating they cannot give me a copy of my dispute letters dated October 8th

    Thank you for the email.
    Due to the confidential nature of the dispute letters, and also due in part to the vast number of dispute letters we write on behalf of our clients, we cannot store copies of these letters. We simply send the originals to the credit bureaus.
    When they receive your letters, and investigate our dispute, they will notify you by sending you updated reports. These updated reports will clearly list each of the items we disputed and they will indicate whether the accounts have been deleted, or verified to be accurate.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.
    Have a great day!
    Client Advocate
    Lexington Law Firm
    800-341-8441 ext 316
    Fax (208) 485-9309

    Email #2: My response dated October 9th

    I understand if you do not want to send me a copy of the dispute letters in order to retain confidentiality however since it is my credit report I would like to know and have the right to know what are the grounds you are using for the disputes, which accounts are you disputing and why???
    I have been studying the FCRA and it clearly states in Section 611 (a)(3)(A) that failure by consumer to provide sufficient information to investigate the disputed item will be considered frivolous and irrelevant. Therefore, I would like to know how your firm is going about the dipute process in order to avoid them using the above section of the FCRA to throw out my disputes.
    I have also been studying my credit report carefully and the following are all things that should be disputed.
    Last Activity Dates; As I stated in my cover letter I have not made ANY payments on my accounts since 6/96. Thus all of the collection accounts have the WRONG activity dates. I know my seven year clock starts from the last activity date but all the collection agencies have put erronous dates that will keep my seven year clock ticking forever. I know there was a recent lawsuit settled for the plantiff(consumer) against a collection company in Irvine, CA that did exactly what I am describing above. I think this is our best shot at deleting items.
    Mailing Address; All three credit agencies have the wrong mailing address for me. At one point they changed it to my Miami address (mail forwarding service) but for some reason reverted back to my old addresses. I have no idea why they did this.
    Past Due Amounts; Many of the accounts have the wrong past due amounts.
    I'm sorry if I'm being a pain about this but this is VERY important to me. I hope the above information will help you. Please let me know what approach you are taking in my case, that's all I want to know. I would also like to know how bad is my credit report on a scale of 1 to 10 with others you have seen.
    Thank you for your time.

    Email #3: Lexington's response to email #2 dated October 11th

    Thank you for your email! I can appreciate your concern and curiosity regarding the credit repair process, so I will do my best to answer your question.
    Although there are several rules tied to credit reports and the FCRA, what we rely on is the rule that states when a consumer challenges an item as incorrect or somehow not belonging to them, the bureaus are required to verify the information with the creditor who is reporting that item. If the creditor does not respond within 30 days or responds that it is in error, the bureaus are required to delete the item from their report. It is also possible that the creditor will verify the item or change the status of the item in which case the bureaus are required to report the new information from the creditor.
    Our dispute letters challenge the bureaus in this way, and we have found that by disputing only a few items at a time (up to 5 or 6 maximum) and waiting about 60 days between disputes, we have been able to please thousands of clients who like what has happened to their credit reports as a result of our service.
    We give the bureaus the following information: client's name, address, social security number, and the names of the negative items as they appear on that bureaus report.
    This process is simple but very effective, and although it takes time it is cost-effective.
    If you have further questions, please email me.
    Have a great weekend!
    Warm regards,
    Client Advocate
    Lexington Law Firm
    800-341-8441 ext 316
    Fax (208) 485-9309

    Email #4: My response to email #3 dated October 15th
    Thanks for the response but you did not answer all my questions from the previous email. To make this easier I will number each question and you can reply to each one in CAPS below so you don't skip one.
    1.I would like to know and have the right to know what are the grounds you are using for the disputes? Please SPECIFY the section number in the FCRA that you are using for your disputes.
    2.Which accounts are you disputing and WHY did you choose these accounts first? I emailed you and told which accounts to dispute first. Were these the ones you disputed first?
    3. What proof do I have that you actually sent out the diputes to all three CRA's?
    4.Billing; What was the date you charged the credit card I gave you for the retainer and what is the EXACT date you will charge the card each month. I will assume that the FIRST $35 dollar charge was not billed until OCTOBER since you didn't receive my credit reports until OCTOBER 5th. Please confirm this information.
    5. Since ALL the last activity date on my report are WRONG (in regards to collection accounts) can you please send disputes to ALL of the accounts using section 603 of the FCRA.
    6. I have been doing a lot of investigating about Lexington Law Firm and I hate to tell you this but it has a horrible reputation on a lot of credit forum boards. I was planning on posting to them to let them know that my experience thus far has been satisfactory but this reluctance to give me all the specifics about my case is worrisome. When it comes to MY CREDIT REPORT I have the right to know EVERY DETAIL about exactly what Lexington Law Firm is doing on my behalf. If you can't do this then I would have to end our working relationship.
    Thank you for your time and understanding

    Email #5: Lexington's response to email #4 dated October 17th

    Thank you for the email. If it is ok I am going to respond to your individual questions by numbering them also.
    1. You asked what are the grounds we are using to dispute. In the FCRA under section 611 the entire sections tells you about disputing the information on your credit reports. We send letters telling the credit bureaus that the information may not be verifiable or accurate and they need to investigate, so
    they investigate.
    2. You asked which accounts we disputed and why? We dispute all the negative accounts on your credit reports, however not all at once, we dispute 1/3 of the items up to 6 at a time. So, we usually start with the "worst" items on the report, or the most negative. We disputed COLDATA, Wells Fargo, Gulf State,
    Able Credit, and American Agencies. Now the items are not the same on each report so we dispute differently on each report each time. You will know what was disputed when you receive the results back about 60 days from the time the dispute letters we sent, which was 10-05-2001. If there are certain items that
    you want disputed the best way for you to give us that information is to highlight these items on your credit reports that you send into us.
    3. You asked what proof you have that we sent dispute letters?
    You will know we sent dispute letters out, because you will get the results back. The updated credit reports will come to you directly.
    4. Payment date- Your payments are set up for the 9th of each month. Your first $35.00 payment was on 10-09-2001.
    5. You asked if we can send dispute letters to all of the accounts. We will dispute all the negative items on your credit reports, however not at the same time. We will continue to dispute the negative times items on your credit reports about every 60 days as we continue to updated credit reports from you.
    6. I am happy to go over every detail with you about your case and what we do. However, without being able to contact you by phone it can make it some what difficult. I ask that if you are unclear about anything we do and what is going on with you case, please give me a call or send me an email, I am happy to explain anything we do. As for the people that are not happy with our service, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service for our clients. We also always work with our clients to create win win situations. I thank you for the feedback and information on ways that I can improve your knowledge and our relationship.
    Please contact me and let me know any way I can assist you with your credit repair journey.
    Thank you,
    Client Advocate
    Lexington Law Firm
    800-341-8441 ext 316
    Fax (208) 485-9309
    CC: Victor Lawrence, Esq.
    When you send us your credit reports, please be aware that if you do not mark any of the items on your reports, we will understand that you are indicating that all of the negative items are to be disputed with the credit bureaus.
    If you have negative items on your reports you know to be verifiable, you may choose to highlight only the accounts that you would like us to dispute. In this case we will dispute only the highlighted items.
    You may select one, or all of the negative items on your reports, but again, if you do not indicate to us which items are to be disputed, Lexington Law Firm will understand this to mean that all negative items on your credit report are to be disputed.

    End of Emails

  2. Lexington law firm does NOT provide dispute letters to clients?  SPAM disputes ONLY?
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    The high desert
    I e-mailed this posting to [email protected], the address I found at the Lexington site.

    I have several questions for the Lexington Law Firm, but before I contact the Utah State Bar and really get into this, I need to make sure that the e-mails posted above, at are in fact authentic.

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    The high desert
    And I added:

    "I'd really appreciate your letting me know right away if these posted e-mails are fake. Please feel free to post directly at the BayHouse forum or respond via e-mail.


    Christine Baker"

    This does not at all mean that I think the e-mails are fake, but I believe in always letting people know what's being said about them, especially if it's not a compliment.

    They need to have the opportunity to straighten out any misunderstandings.

    I've always wondered what Lexington is doing, and some of you may have read my my SHARED letter to Junum.

    I'm very disappointed with Junum's failure to respond. As one of their affiliates I really didn't like to see all the complaints about their services at various credit boards.

    While Lexington also has an affiliate program, I never signed up. Every time I looked at their site I just couldn't stand it. It REEKS of rippoff and misrepresentation.

    What many people consider "professional looking" sets off all alarms for me. I especially HATE WITH A PASSION how many of the credit sites are "partnering up." I *think* that's Future Card and Carreon and Lexington. They have those awful popup windows that can crash my machine because my resource meter is usually in the red as I'm working on several projects simultaneously.

    They hijack my computer, just like porn sites (don't forget the 1st "e" in You close a window and a new one pops open, you hit the back button but they hold you hostage, and sometimes they just TAKE you to new sites and there's nothing you can do short of shutting down your computer.

    Every now and then I try to check out my advertiser links and credit resource sites, but it's just so aggravating. There's a lot of good stuff at Carreon, but until they lose the porn look and feel, I don't want to go to their site and I don't really want to link to them.

    I've been to too many real estate and mortgage sales seminars, I know about the marketing techniques, the "testimonials," the deception.

    The bottom line is that there is nothing sincere, it's all about getting a few more dollars out of people with bad credit.

    I'm by no means picking on Lexington, but they are linked and advertised in so many places, people should know what they get when they sign up.

    How can a law firm NOT give copies of correspondence to their clients?

    How can they argue that the response by the bureaus is sufficient prove?

    How are you going to sue the bureaus for failing to investigate if you don't have the dispute letter?

    For at LEAST 25% of my clients the bureaus simply ignore a disputed account.

    How can they refuse to discuss details via e-mail?

    How can they demand that their clients tell them what to dispute?

    How can they refuse to dispute specifics and insist on doing only the "spam" disputes?

    How can they know LESS about credit than their clients?

    I don't object to the SPAM disputes, I just won't do it.

    I don't mind getting a commission for linking to companies who do SPAM disputes, as long as they are upfront about their incompetence.

    "We are NOT acting as lawyers, we are acting as a typing service and merely dispute every negative account on your credit as unverifiable."

    "You don't get copies of those disputes because we don't trust you and it would be too much work."

    "We expect to be charging you $35/month for MANY months."

    "If you have a LEGITIMATE dispute, don't hire us because we can't handle those."

    "Our knowledge of the FCRA is limited section 611. We send letters telling the credit bureaus that the information may not be verifiable or accurate and they need to investigate, so they investigate most accouts, but not all."

    "Because we don't keep the dispute letters, we have no idea WHAT the CRAs are doing or not doing."

    "Because we don't keep the dispute letters, you have NO legal recourse against the CRAs for failing to investigate a disputed account."

    That's what should be on the first page of the Lexington web site - IF the e-mails posted above are authentic.

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    The high desert
    From the Utah State Bar site:



    I won't get a chance to work on this until next week, but I called and found out that Victor Lawrence, Esq. is a member and I requested info about any complaints.

    Complaints cannot be submitted via e-mail, there is no form, a complaint can be faxed to 801-531-0660

    And of course I'm hoping to hear from Lexington by then.

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    The high desert
    The Utah State Bar returned my call regarding Victor Lawrence: "He has no public discipline and if he does have any complaints, they remain confidential."

    State Bars: by lawyers, for lawyers .... I already knew that, and now you know too.

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    The high desert
    Repost of Ashamed's update from

    I just wanted to update everyone on my current situation. First, I would like to thank Regis for taking the time to respond to my post and for the personal stories you shared. You have no idea how it helps to hear other peoples stories. Thank you for sharing your experiences and obvious wisdom with me and the others on this board.
    In regards to credit repair companies, I would urge everyone in this forum NOT to use Lexington Law Firm. They are totally inept. Following you will find four emails between myself and Lexington that went back and forth today in regards to my request to cancel my account and my request for a full refund. After reading my first email you will have an update of my situation and the remaining emails will just validate my claim that Lexington is inept.
    I also want to let everyone know that Bayhouse and particularly Christine Baker are hands down the best source of information about credit issues on the Web. Christine has been an amazing help to me not only with her expansive knowledge of the FCRA, consumer rights and the dispute process but also with her understanding and encouragment. We should all thank her and support Bayhouse as much as possible.

    Email sent to Lexington today asking for refund and cancellation of my account
    Dear ;
    Please cancel my account with Lexington Law Firm and refund my credit card in the amount of $110.00 ($75 retainer/$35 monthly fee) immediately.
    Following are my reasons for canceling and demanding a refund.
    1. Failure to safeguard legal documentation on your client’s behalf:
    You will not give me a copy of my dispute letters and as you stated in your email dated October 9th your firm does not keep any dispute letters on file.
    “Due to the confidential nature of the dispute letters, and also due in part to the vast number of dispute letters we write on behalf of our clients, we cannot store copies of these letters. We simply send the originals to the credit bureaus.” Email quote from Lexington Law Firm on October 9th, 2001
    How can a law firm not keep a copy of legal documents sent to the CRA’s on the client’s behalf? Those letters are the only recourse your clients have to take the CRA’s to court if they refuse to delete the disputed items that are misreported on credit reports. If the CRA’s refuse to delete or update misinformation, I need those dispute letters to serve as proof that I followed the correct procedures in my attempt to rectify my credit report and that the CRA failed to respond. How can I possibly do that if I do not have copies of the dispute letters to show a judge? All law firms are required by law to safeguard documentation they send on their client’s behalf. Your firm is in violation of that law.
    2. Failure to follow client’s instructions:
    I told you specifically what accounts to dispute and you verified that in your email dated October 17th
    “We disputed COLDATA, Wells Fargo, Gulf State, Able Credit, and American Agencies.” Email quote from Lexington Law Firm on October 17th, 2001
    I decided to follow up on my disputes by ordering my online reports from Experian and Equifax. On my Equifax report you failed to dispute my two collection accounts with Coldata. The only accounts you disputed were Gulf State, American Agencies, and two Wells Fargo accounts, one of which was not derogatory in the first place. The only reason why you would tell me you disputed my Coldata accounts and actually did nothing is that your firm wants to drag this on as long as possible in order to collect monthly fees.
    3. Negligence in the dispute process:
    As stated above, I ordered my online reports to follow up on your work in regards to the disputes you sent on my behalf. I also discovered that on my Experian report you disputed 3 Wells Fargo accounts that had a perfectly good rating. One was an auto loan that was paid and never late, the second was a credit card that shows “pays as agreed” and the third was a $35,000 line of credit that was pays as agreed. Your negligence to actually check and verify what you were disputing has resulted with your firm disputing the few accounts that actually make my credit report look good. If these positive items are deleted due to your ineptness I will expect you to take full responsibility and have the items restated on my report.
    I will wait for your confirmation of my cancellation and my FULL refund of $110 until 5:00 p.m. central standard time on Thursday, November 1st. If I don’t receive confirmation that my credit card has been refunded in the amount of $110 and my account has been cancelled I will do the following:
    1. I will contact my credit card company immediately to stop all future charges from your company on my credit card. I will also dispute your previous charges and have them charge back your fees since you have failed to provide competent legal service and possibly made my situation much worse by disputing three good accounts.
    2. I will file a complaint with all the information above to the State Board of Utah.
    3. I will file a complaint with the FTC
    4. I will go to every credit forum board and post this letter and all the correspondence sent to me by your company that proves you have been negligent and dishonest.
    I expect a confirmation of my refund and cancellation of my account no later than Thursday November 1st by 5:00 p.m.

    Lexington's response to my email
    We have closed your account and all future payments have been deleted. Your confirmation number is 160372. I have closed your case and I can go ahead and refund you the $35.00 fee that you paid since apparently you are upset about the process that we do. However, I am unable to refund the $75.00 retainer fee, as
    the retainer states, it is a nonrefundable set up fee.
    If you have any other questions concerning your account please contact me at 800-341-8441 ext. 316.
    Thank you
    Advocate Team
    Lexington Law firm

    My response to Lexington's email above
    We can either do this the hard way or the easy way; it’s up to you. As I stated in my previous email I expect no less than a full refund in the amount of $110 from Lexington Law Firm. If not I will contact my credit card company and dispute your charges; I have more than enough evidence to warrant a chargeback to your firm.
    I “retained” your firm to help me dispute erroneous information on my credit report NOT to lie, deceive and make my situation worse by disputing perfectly good accounts. Your ineptness, negligence and dishonesty in handling my case has made my situation worse now than when I started working with your company. I expect your confirmation of my full refund by the end of business hours today. If I do not receive a full refund I will also file complaints with the State Board of Utah, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau of Salt Lake City.

    Lexington's final response
    Thank you for the email. I reviewed your case and went over your email and I will go ahead and refund the $35.00 fee and the $75.00 retainer for a total of $110.00. I will send the request to our accounting department today, it will take about 7-10 to be credited back to your credit card. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you,
    Client Advocate
    Lexington Law Firm
    800-341-8441 ext 316
    Fax (208) 485-9309CC: Victor Lawrence, Esq.

    I'll let you know if they actually keep their word and refund the credit card. I will also update you again when I receive answers to my disputes
    Thanks again everyone for all your help

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    The high desert

    Lexington should be shut down

    Lexington hasn't responded to my request for their statement, there is no question in my mind that all of the above e-mails ARE authentic.

    It takes people like Ashamed to get the word out and warn others. Most Lexington clients probably are too ashamed to come forward and feel guilty because they have bad credit. Or they don't have the skills to write those complaints.

    Anyway, it's really time for a new nick, Ashamed. If more people had your guts, complaint writing skills, AND the desire to help others, we'd have a lot fewer problems!

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    Registered User New Member
    Oklahoma City, OK

    One more happy Lexington customer. (LOL)

    I thought you might enjoy an e-mail I just received from someone. I get them all the time from people.
    Dear Bill,

    First off I am a victim of Lexington Law Firm but wish to remain anonymous. Here is some information that I believe will help
    your campaign. Lexington Law Firm directing Attorney is Victor Lawrence. His BBB rating as well as Lexington was horrible as of yesterday due to the several unanswered complaints. Which
    is my experience as well.

    I have found that Lexington funnels there clients through a series of mock companies to keep everyone of track. I do not know if this is legal but it is in my book extremly manipulative. The other two major companies are and Johnson and Associates. A representitive of their company expressed how their plus program was in finacial choas and in fact closing down and moving to another section of their company.

    After getting the run around for several weeks on my case and the inaccesability of their staff I actually wonder if Victor Lawrence is looking at my case! Tell me how one attorney can look at over 20,000 cases in one month and not be available at any of their phone numbers. They tell me he is never in. It seems that the
    Law firm thing is a complete scam. I have never been invoilved with anything that left me with so many questions about my fellow human beings.

    There should be some sort of regulatory action taken on these companys. Particularly law firms! I do not want you to feel that this is an attack on your company. For I have found through
    reliable sources that you are walking the talk. You are a becon in your industry and should be commended on the amount of effort you but into exposing the truth about some credit repair

    Disgusted with Lexington

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    The high desert
    I just sent this e-mail to Lexington and the FTC. Found their spam in my Hotmail junk mail folder, I'm not sure how they got one of my "non bayhouse" addresses.



    The Lexington Law Firm lawyers are bottom feeding scum and should be disbarred and jailed. And of course you should have to refund all fees ever paid by your unsuspecting clients. I HAVE the credit report proving that you are so incompetent, you dispute GOOD accounts.

    I once again invite the Lexington Law Firm to respond to my statements at the BayHouse web site. This e-mail is published at

    Or you can sue me, I would enjoy that very much. Of course my objective is to warn people about you, to cause DAMAGES for you, and ultimately, to put you out of business. I can prove that you are as incompetent as it gets. You are misrepresenting your services and "full warranty."

    I cannot understand why the FTC won't shut you down.


    Christine Baker

    copy faxed to FTC at 1-202-326-2012


    From: "Ashley Benson" <[email protected]>
    Subject: How Much Does Repairing Bad Credit Cost?
    Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 07:39:32 -0700

    Not much.

    Whereas attorney fees can run as much as two hundred dollars an hour, a retainer with Lexington Law Firm's eClient credit restoration program costs only $75 for the first month and $35 for each month thereafter. That fee is regardless of the amount of time it takes to clean up your credit.
    This service is also backed by full warranty and can be canceled at

    Learn more and sign up at

    If you have any further questions or comments please email me at
    [email protected]


    Ashley Benson
    eClient Specialist
    Lexington Law Firm

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    Registered User New Member
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Not too happy with Lex, Christine?

    Unless I seriously mis-read the intention of your post, which I doubt, I take it that you just might be a mite less than happy with them critters.

    In my personal opinion, I think they are a highly professional company. I just haven't yet figured out for sure what it is they might accidently be professional at doing. Or would it be more proper to say accidently professional at doing?

    In either case, I do have more letters and posts and emails from others who can't quite figure out just how professional they are either and they aren't all that pleased with them either.

    You have a nice one.

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