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    AFter you dispute something with Experian, then how can you put it back into dispute later? Once you do it once on the website, then that is it for a while? Is it a year, 6 months, or until something changes on your report? I have also noticed that if something is updated on your credit report, then you can put it back into dispute.

    I thought that the FCRA states that the consumer has the right to dispute a creditor anytime and the credit agency has to re-verify the item. I realize that they can claim frivolous, but don't they have to try at least a few times before they claim this?

  2. Experian refusing reinvestigations - send documentation
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    The high desert
    The FCRA clearly states that frivolous disputes don't have to be investigated, and that's a GOOD thing.

    If somebody verified something incorrectly, just file suit and have them write you a check.

    However, Experian categorically refuses investigations even if the dispute is different.

    I recently had them refuse a dispute ** 11 ** months after the previous verification.

    The best way to get them to reinvestigate is to supply documentation. Although just mailing certified might do the trick too, don't know because I always include documentation.

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