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    Hard vs Soft Pulls

    I've been using credit cards responsibly for years, but I'm still a little confused by some of the terminology. What is the difference between a hard and soft credit pull? I THINK both of these temporarily hurt your credit, but I don't know to which extent, and how long the pull shows on your credit score.

  2. Hard vs Soft Pulls
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    Soft pulls DO NOT hurt your credit - this is what all of the free credit report services do... I usually notice a 10 - 15 point drop in my credit score after a hard pull however it tends to rebound after a month or so, especially after opening up a new account.

    Too many hard pulls can be a red flag to the banks who try to minimize lending risk by not lending to those who appear to be desperate for credit. I would try to limit hard credit pulls to 3 a year MAX.

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    CreditDave is correct, soft pulls will not hurt your credit score. If you have ever used CreditKarma, they do a soft pull on your credit score - this is why you can refresh you score as many times as you want without damaging it.
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    SPs do not hurt your credit.

    HPs do. The amount of points deducted from your FICO varies. The general concensous is that point deduction is tiered. for example: 1-3 HPs are worth x amount each, 4-7 is worth a different amount etc etc

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    When do companies do a hard pull? Besides when you apply for a new card?

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