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    Negative Item on Credit Report.

    Hello everyone!

    I have a negative account from Verizon Wireless on my credit report from May 2010. I never received any phone calls, emails, or mail from Verizon with the billing statement. They sold the account to a collections agency, but still did not contact me until I called upon reviewing my credit report in November 2011. I paid the bill in December 2011 because I was told that they would remove the negative mark. I disputed it in December, but I never got any information back.

    My questions are: did they do something wrong? Does anyone know how long Verizon stores their records and payment information in order to reply to my dispute?

  2. Negative Item on Credit Report.
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    Generally they will call you to the point of harassment if your account is overdue... If you disputed it and they didn't take it off your report your best bet is to just pay it off and be done with it. One account in collections isn't worth losing a lot of sleep over.. if you have a few accounts in collections then it may be worth it to contact an attorney and evaluate your legal options.

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    Matt, once the item is sold off you are probably better off just settling with the collection agency. The good news is you can still negotiate with the collection agency to make sure they remove any negative marks that they've added to your CR. Just make sure to get everything in writing to ensure that they make good on any promises before you make any payments.
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    I forgot to pay my bill once with Verizon, and instead of sending my bill to collection, they sent a text message to my phone stating the issue and shut off my service. The only number I could call was the number to pay the bill, so I don't know how this happened.

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    Forgetting a payment is a big issue especially because it can stay on your credit score for upwards of 7 years. Try to dispute the payment again but with a different associate and see what happens. Normally companies are suppose to hold your record of upwards of 3 years at minimum.

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