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    Bayhouse -

    Just got a copy of my Credit Report from Boy do I have a lot of PRM's. Anyway my question is in regard to Bayhouse info: - FREE on-line Equifax credit report WITHOUT another inquiry lowering your credit scores. Comes with a free 30-day trial membership in the CreditCheck Monitoring Service.

    3 Bureau Online Credit Report Link
    1-11-02: The 3 bureau report appears to be a "hard" inquiry on my TU. I recommend Monitrust until I know for sure that your credit scores won't be lowered when ordering this report.

    The "free" report and Equifax monitoring service appear to be all right.

    Commission to BayHouse: $2.50? for every free credit report and $5 for every tri-merged report ordered. It's hard to keep up with the constantly changing promotions.
    My report:
    Additional Information

    Companies that Requested your Credit File

    01/23/2002 ID-Equifax Consumer Services, Inc

    01/23/2002 Equifax Consumer Services

    01/11/2002 EU-Equifax Mortgage Services

    11/16/2001 PRM-Capital One

    11/14/2001 PRM-At&T Wireless

    11/10/2001 AR-MBNA

    09/24/2001 PRM-At&T Wireless

    08/28/2001 Consumerinfo.Com

    08/27/2001 AR-MBNA

    07/27/2001 PRM-At&T Wireless Services

    07/25/2001 PRM-Capital One

    07/25/2001 PRM-Direct Merchants CR Card Bank

    07/19/2001 PRM-Household Bank

    07/02/2001 AR-MBNA

    06/30/2001 AR-American Express

    06/27/2001 PRM-Capital One

    06/18/2001 PRM-Citifinancial

    06/15/2001 PRM-Providian Bancorp

    06/14/2001 PRM-CB&T

    06/14/2001 PRM-At&T Wireless Services

    06/04/2001 AR-MBNA

    05/16/2001 PRM-At&T Wireless

    05/16/2001 PRM-Household Bank

    05/01/2001 PRM-Household Retail Services

    04/25/2001 PRM-Capital One

    04/23/2001 AR-MBNA

    04/23/2001 PRM-Providian Bancorp

    04/19/2001 PRM-Direct Merchants CR Card Bank

    04/04/2001 AR-MBNA

    03/30/2001 AR-MBNA

    03/15/2001 PRM-Household Bank

    02/15/2001 PRM-Household Bank

    01/30/2001 Baltimore Gas & Electric

    01/26/2001 AR-MBNA

    01/09/2001 Bell Atlantic-MD Residential

    12/18/2000 Verizon Wireless

    12/05/2000 First USA Bank

    PRM - This is a promotional inquiry in which only your name and address were given to a credit grantor so you could be solicited you with an offer such as a credit card. (PRM inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)
    AM or AR - These inquiries indicate a periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors (AM and AR inquiries remain on file for 12 months.)
    EQUIFAX, ACIS or UPDATE - These inquiries indicate Equifax's activity in response to your contact with us for either a copy of your credit file or a request for research.
    PRM, AM, AR, INQ, EQUIFAX, ACIS and UPDATE inquiries do not show on credit files that businesses receive, only on copies provided to you.
    Note the I do not see any symbol next to it. Does that mean it effected my score? Maybe they have changed something. Am I just misunderstanding?


  2. PrivacyGuard = reports
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    The high desert
    *Apparently* it is a "hard" inquiry. Only Equifax and Fair Isaac would know for sure.

    I haven't even had time to check into the TU inquiry, but this really is important.

    I just looked at MY Equifax and the tri-merged shows as "ID-I Place, Inc" AND "First American Credco/Place" both 6/23.

    It's highly unlikely that I ordered 2 seperate reports, why would I do that? MAYBE I started ordering individual reports, couldn't get all 3 and went to the trimerged. But then again, I don't have another report with that date. This is really odd.

    Did you order their free report, the monitoring service, or the tri-merged?

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    IDs can be hard inquiries. I have one from Citi right now.
    Contact them and tell them to correct it. If you are asking for your own report, this should only be a soft inquiry.

    Christine, First American Credco is the company my mortgage lender used, and they screwed up everything. I had 4 paid accounts with deliquencies from 1 to 4 years old, but they were all paid off at least a year ago. According to Credco, all 4 accounts had recent deliquencies because they apparently go by the last date reported which happened to be the recent dispute dates. Anyway, I called Equifax who told me that Credco didn't know what they were doing, yet Equifax could not tell me the exact dates of deliquency. Hmm........
    The FTC already got CREDCO for violating FCRA about 3-4 years ago. Anyway, I wouldn't rely much on what CREDCO provides on those tri-merged reports.

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    The high desert
    This wears me out. I guess I'll just HAVE to sue Equifax too, and

    WHEN do I do it all?

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    The high desert
    I called Equifax who told me that Credco didn't know what they were doing, yet Equifax could not tell me the exact dates of deliquency.
    Now if you only had that in writing!

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    Did you order their free report, the monitoring service, or the tri-merged?
    I believe i ordered the "free report". It was quite difficult to read. I also had to call and cancel that 'thing' they automatically sign you up for.

    Contact them and tell them to correct it. If you are asking for your own report, this should only be a soft inquiry.
    Contact Tell them that since it way a query of my own credit that it should not be on there? Or do I call equifax?


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    If you haven't already done so contact Equifax and ask if it is showing up as a soft or hard inquiry. Looking at your report it looks like a hard inquiry, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
    If it turns out to be a hard contact consumerinfo and ask them to either delete the inquiry or change it to an AR or PRM. I'm sure they will give you some garbage that it is a soft inquiry, but then again all creditors and the bureaus think we're all idiots. If this doesn't work dispute it with Equifax. I suggest doing this only after consumerinfo refuses to change it, because Equifax is the hardest bureau to delete inquiries through. If it comes back verified then sue consumerinfo. Nothing gets someone's attention like a lawsuit.


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    Just got off the phone with Equifax

    -I have summarized the conversation-

    Me: Is the a hard or soft inquiry.
    EQ: Soft
    Me: I read at the bottom that a 'soft' inquiry has a prefix?
    EQ: Let me check on sec.
    EQ: It is a soft inquiry.
    Me: Is there any way I can get that in writing?
    EQ: You could probably go to the library and find a book on it.
    Me: I mean from EQ, you are telling me it is soft, there is no proof that it is.
    EQ: I am looking at a memo right in front of me that says the inquiry is soft. It will remain on you credit for one year. It will not be devulged to other buisnesses or effect your score. With all the new internet companies now-a-days, all of it is so new, and there is just not a prefix for it, but it is soft.
    Me: Can I get a copy of the memo you have?
    EQ: No.

    Before anyone starts throwing furniture at how rude the EQ person sounds, he did not sound at all like I wrote. I paraphrased and actually he was VERY nice and tried as much as he could to help. Unfortunately I do not have any proof that it did not effect my score except what he said.

    FYI - Something interesting also happened. I noticed on my report that one of my "Employmnt History" was incorrect (only a misspelling). I asked him if he could help me with that. He said that EH was being removed from the report entirely. He said that EQ was asking people to leave things like they are or remove them as of today. I told him that I did not want him to change mine, it seems to be working right now . I asked him why they were removing it, he said because people were changing jobs a lot now-a-days as well as some people need to keep 2, 3, even 4 jobs to make ends meet.


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    The high desert
    Why am I having such a tough time believing anything I don't get in writing?

    Really appreciate your calling and posting the results.

    I'll definitely have to follow up on that with Equifax myself, in writing. Good thing I got the e-mail in response to my PFB letter.

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    The high desert
    I've asked TU attorney Stamps about my inquiry in tonite's fax, but it'll probably be next week till I get to Equifax.

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