Koodo Mobile is a Canadian-wide wireless provider that is geared toward younger people. Unlike its parent company Telus, it does not require a fixed contract and offers prepaid and postpaid accounts. If your credit could use some work, here are your options for getting approved for Koodo service.

What is the Koodo Tab?

Rather than having a fixed contract, Koodo Mobile lets customers run a tab toward the cost of their phone. If you are eligible for a Tab, you can get the phone you want without paying full price or dealing with a contract, while also earning a new phone later when you're ready to upgrade.

There are many Tab sizes. The difference between these sizes is the discount you will get off of your new phone and how much you need to pay per month.

  • No Tab. The starting balance is $0. Koodo will contribute 10% off of your monthly plan.
  • Tab Small. Starting balance of up to $150. You contribute $0 per month, and Koodo contributes 15% off of your bill.
  • Tab Medium. Starting balance of up to $300. You pay $5 per month until your balance is $0. Koodo takes 15% off of your bill.
  • Tab Large. Starting balance of up to $500. You pay $10 per month until your tab balance is $0. Koodo takes 15% off of your bill.

The Koodo Credit Check

A credit check is necessary for new customers, and your order, Tab eligibility and activation are subject to approval. Koodo will need your full name, date of birth, Social Security number and driver's license to complete the credit check.

According to Koodo customers, the company will check your score on Equifax. While it's unknown what credit score is necessary to pass the credit check, a Large Tab has a higher credit requirement than a Medium Tab. If your credit is less-than-perfect, you can try qualifying for a small or medium tab first.

You can avoid the credit check completely by turning to Koodo Prepaid. If you have bad credit, you may also be required to get a Spending Limit Program account.

Koodo Prepaid: Avoid the Credit Check

If you know you have bad credit, or no credit history at all, a good stepping stone is Koodo Prepaid. You will need a base plan, which starts as low as $15. You can use your phone for local calls, but you will need to buy a Booster add-on for long-distance calls. The Prepaid phone can be used throughout Canada but not outside of the country.

The Spending Limit Program

If you have bad credit, you can also sign up for the Spending Limit Program (SPL), which allows you to sign up for a monthly plan with limitations. You cannot put a phone on the Tab, as you will need to buy it in full, and you will be limited to charges of $200 on your account. You can only have one phone on a SLP account.

After 6 months, your account will be reviewed. If you have good payment history with Koodo, the SLP will be removed from your account, and you will receive notification.