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    States with Best Credit Scores

    Here's the top 20 states based on debt, financial management and spending. All of the cities have average consumer credit scores ranging from as low as 674 to 703. These consumers are very responsible based on debt balances.

    1. Dickinson, North Dakota
    2. Bismarck, North Dakota
    3. Sioux City, Iowa
    4. Minot, North Dakota
    5. Moline, Illinois
    6. Helena, Montana
    7. Appleton, Wisconsin
    8. Bloomington, Illinois
    9. Rochester, Minnesota
    10. Richland, Washington
    11. Austin, Minnesota
    12. Quincy, Illinois
    13. Ottumwa, Iowa
    14. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    15. Victoria, Texas
    16. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    17. North Platte, Nebraska
    18. Decatur, Illinois
    19. Springfield, Illinois
    20. Rock Island, Illinois

  2. States with Best Credit Scores
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    No coastal states. Very interesting. At first glance, I notice these are not places with a heavy retail presence or lots of entertainment.

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    The Dakotas and those small towns in Illinois should be very proud. You've got to give credit to the parents and teachers in those cities for people to stay vigilant about their credit.

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    This has to correlate with a lower cost of living. There are no high cost cities on the list.

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    Not necessarily the lowest cost of living in the country but definitely areas that enable cardholders to comfortably repay their debt obligations.
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    I am not surprised being from the midwest myself, maybe you can tell from my name. We are a responsible bunch for the most part, yet we get relatively little appreciation in terms of real estate assets.

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