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    Beware cheap credit scores

    I just finished reading an article where two of the major credit bureaus paid a big fine for misleading customers about the cost of their monthly credit score subscription.

    Glad the deceptive practice will end.

    But sad that the government pockets the fines while consumers are still left holding the bag.

  2. Beware cheap credit scores
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    Funny that the FTC is just catching up to our reporting.

    We looked at those bogus credit score fees back in 2013. If you follow the link, you can read our story, and find out how to get a free credit score that does not include hidden charges.

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    So I should buy the expensive credit scores?

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    Like many products, the credit bureaus offered an initial report for cheap and then signed you up for a monthly plan. Starting with the second report, they jacked up the price.

    Too be expected.

    But they shouldn't hide the fact.

    Now what about reimbursing those who failed to notice until they wasted hundreds of dollars?

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    If I am reading this right, it is not the cheapness that is the problem, but the recurring monthly fees after the teaser rate.

    As opposed to Credit Karma, where I get a truly free score. But it is a Vantage score, not a FICO score.

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