Hi everyone,

I'm a rookie with a question regarding credit score. I made a late payment on a student loan about 2 years ago, about 4 months late. Other than that I have no late payments or negative marks on my credit. I have a few open credit cards that I rarely use because I prefer debit. I'm forgetful and I don't want to cause myself trouble. My credit score went up after my missed payments when I paid them on time, but has since stagnated at 667 and has been there for at least 5 months. My loans are forgivable (teacher) so I don't want to pay them off since the government will in 1 more year. Is there anything else I can do? I want to start thinking about buying a house so I'm trying to get at least 700.

My friend has the same score as me and she defaulted on her student loans, so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, but when I look at all the tips (i.e. spend less than 30% of your limit) I do all of that.

Thanks so much!