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    Premium Credit Card -- Zero Credit History Required

    Hi all!

    My name is Eliana, I am part of an incredible team working to find a solution to one of the largest credit challenges for those relocating professionals.

    We know relocating is difficult, we've personally been through the experience-which is what inspired us to make a change for others facing the same problem.

    We recently launched a new premium grade credit card, tailored specifically for expats relocating to the United States. We offer premium credit cards to relocating professional with zero credit history, and no SSN required to apply. With a high monthly credit limit, we give relocating expats the chance to start building excellent credit as soon as they land, making the transition that much softer.

    By putting our credit cards in the hands of relocating professionals to America, we are also empowering them. Providing them with a premium credit card from day one makes their landing that much softer. We're focusing on building their credit, enabling them to focus on building their future.

    For more information about our card, or to learn more about all the wonderful benefits, simply reply to this thread!


  2. Premium Credit Card -- Zero Credit History Required
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    Do you know about credit cards loading
    somebody contacted me 6 months ago and he paid off one of my credit cards
    he charged me 40pct .Now i have 4 more credit cards to pay off and im needing somebody who can take less than 40pct

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