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    Getting scores above 800

    I'm working on getting my 3 FICO credit scores above 800.

    Currently my 3 REAL FICO scores are:
    Experian 765
    Equifax 782
    Transunion 775

    My total credit card debit is only $250.00 with my available credit card limit being 115k over 6 different credit cards including VISA, M/C, AMEX, and DISC. Would me using say... 20% to 25% of my card limits over the next few months so it reports to the 3 bureaus then paying them off again back to zero balances within 3 months or so later help me get closer or possibly above 800 scores?

    Thank you in advance for any input and suggestions.

  2. Getting scores above 800
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    nice work and management of credit!

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    Do you know about credit cards loading
    somebody contacted me 6 months ago and he paid off one of my credit cards
    he charged me 40pct .Now i have 4 more credit cards to pay off and im needing somebody who can take less than 40pct

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