Me and my husband recently moved to US and we are still learning everything about credit cards, credit scores, loans etc. Since we started making plans on buying a house, I wanted to learn more about credit lines and credit cards needed to get approved for a loan. We did a ton of research, but there is one thing I'm having trouble to understand. This is our situation and a question:

The situation: I have good credit, and my husband just started his first credit line (so no credit history). We both have cash reward visa credit cards. When we opened these credit lines, a banker told us that if we authorize each other on the credit cards, it will be considered as we own two credit cards, which is necessary for loan approval.

The question: To get easily approved and get the best rates for a home loan, is it better to authorize each other on credit cards, or should both of us to get two different credit cards?

Please correct me if I was wrongly informed with any of the above since I am definitely new to all the credit score thing. Thanks !