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    NJ Raises Gas Taxes; More States to Follow

    NJ - where it is still illegal to pump your own gas, just raised its gas tax 159%!

    And, according to this article, more state will be following.

    So you get to pay more for gas and health insurance in 2017. And less for nothing else.

    Another recommendation for driving a used, gas efficient car. You can spend less overall on your automotive needs.

  2. NJ Raises Gas Taxes; More States to Follow
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    Wait? What? New Jersey still has gas station attendants? That is crazy.

    Have they also outlawed ATMs?

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    It looks like they are trying to raise revenue from when Tepper left the state earlier in the year. And they decided to take advantage of the currently low gas prices.

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    It is not always so easy to get a new car. Sometimes the one you have - especially if it is paid off - is your best option. For people like me, that is the case. But it is now fair old. And even a small increase in gas prices hurts the bottom line.

    As for public transportation, it make my commute more than twice as long. And costs a little extra. So no thanks.

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    Death and taxes ...

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