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    Inflation Watch

    It looks like the first time in years, we are getting inflation over 2%.

    What does that this mean?

    First, our wages will not go as far. Unless we finally see people getting more hours and more pay.

    Second, the Fed may actually follow through on raising rates. So debts will become more expensive. This includes variable rate debts. Or even refinancing, for those waiting for rates to go back down to the summer lows.

    If you are having trouble with debt, now may be the time to get 0% APR cards, balance transfers, refinancing, whatever, taken care of. Or you may see that burden become steadily worse.

  2. Inflation Watch
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    Based on the competition in the wireless space, its hard to believe there is inflation. More data for less money for more people are current trends. With other incentives added to try to distinguish one unlimited data plan from the other.

    No. I think all we are seeing here is the rebound of oil prices from lows last year. And maybe rent. But no real sign of inflation and no real sign of wage growth -- despite these $15 min wage proposals.

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    "Just" gas and rent you say? Well, those are my two of my three biggest expenses. After food. So not "just" about it. It is inflation indeed.

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    you're about to see inflation in your auto insurance. yeah.

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    I still have not caught up on the "inflation" on my health ins or the "deflation" in my paycheck from a few years ago. So it can be zero today and I am still no better off.

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