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    Beware: Discover Open Road Had a $250 Cap on Gas Rewards

    I thought I would share this here since it took a bit of digging. I would be willing to bet that a lot of people like myself are starting to look for a gas credit card to help offset the prices that will no doubt skyrocket before the summer.

    One of the gas rewards cards I was seriously considering was Discover Open Road.

    However after reading the fine print (this is why you should ALWAYS read the fine print) I found something very sneaky that makes this card MUCH less appealing.

    On the official Discover Card website it states that with this card you can "Earn Double Cashback Bonus at Any Gas Station or Restaurant". What it doesn't tell you however is that this is only on the first $250 you spend in those categories for each billing period.

    If you do the math that means you can really only save $2.50 a month by earning the extra 1% cash back on top of the 1% cash back you get on all purchases. Talk about a gimmick!!!

    I think I will be going with the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card which has no caps (or at least none that I have been able to find) and seems like an all around better card. Shame on you Discover.

  2. Beware: Discover Open Road Had a 0 Cap on Gas Rewards
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    Good to hear that someone else actually reads the fine print!

    I saw the Discover Open Road offer awhile back but after doing the math I would hit the caps with the amount I spend. I think that Discover has bumped up the caps on Discover More card quite a bit this year so hopefully they do the same with the Open Road card.
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    Blue Cash Everyday is by far the best card for gas, assuming you get the preferred version. The Costco card isn't too shabby either for gas, and even better if you actually shop at Costco since they only accept American Express!!

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