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    Discover More Student Card Benefits?

    I am thinking about applying for the Discover More Student Card, is there any difference between the rewards program with the Student More card and the More Card? Thanks.

  2. Discover More Student Card Benefits?
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    Yes - the Discover Student More card comes with the same rewards program as the regular More card.. this actually makes the Student More card (in my opinion) the best student credit card out there. Your interest rate will obviously be higher and you will probably have a lower credit limit but it's a solid card to start building credit with.

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    I actually started out with the Discover Student card - great program for building credit and I still use mine every now and then depending on what 5% categories are available.

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    Just to clarify the APR for Discover More 10.99% – 19.99% is vs Student More which is 12.99% – 18.99%. The 0% APR intro period on the student card is also shorter at 8 months vs 15 months with the standard card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin F View Post
    12.99% – 18.99%.
    Wow for some reason that seems way lower than when I applied... I'll have to go back and check my current APR.

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