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    Does Discover Have a Grace Period?

    What is the grace period for Discover? It looks like I am getting charged interest regardless of when I pay and can't figure out why this is happening? I know that with most cards you usually have at least a 15 day grace period before you get hit with interest, so why do I keep getting interest charges with Discover?

  2. Does Discover Have a Grace Period?
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    The grace period should be at least 23 days, HOWEVER it only applies if you pay your balance in full. If you don't pay off your full balance each month you are charged interest on each purchase from the day it was made - this is most likely your issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreditDave View Post
    HOWEVER it only applies if you pay your balance in full.
    Oh wow I actually didn't know that..
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    I think we need a "Sticky" thread explaining how grace periods work.

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    We just were late with a payment. Got too distracted (darn flu season). Discover was totally cool with it. Let us send in the payment a couple days late with no penalties.

    But I was embarrassed. So I set my card up for automatic debit from our savings account. Probably should have done that years ago.

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