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    8 - Discover More Credit Card

    I get two or three offers a week in the mail to apply for Discover More. I'm finally going to apply since I'm no longer traveling nearly as much for work and can shift the spending to a cash back card. Now when I go to now it asks me to apply for the Discover IT card instead of the More card?

    After reading a few other threads on here I know that they are basically the same thing however there isn't any kind of a sign up bonus with the IT card? Does anyone know if the Discover More card with a $200 sign up bonus still exists?

  2. - Discover More Credit Card
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    You may be out of luck as the Discover More card has been removed from the Discover site and replaced with the Discover IT card.. I have yet to see any sign up bonuses for IT but I am sure they are coming...

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